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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Natural Waves Tutorial

Seems as I am a huge fan of having my hair curly I thought I would share my best tips with you. I feel curly hair adds such effortless glamour to your hair whether this be tight curls or loose waves. Personally I love loose curls as they give off a more effortless look (even though you probably spend about an hour mastering them in the morning!) Anyway that's enough about curls lets get the point!

  Here Is my guide to natural looking waves

Step 1.
Spray hair with heat spray, heat is terribly bad for your hair so by applying heat spray you can loosen the guilt of harming your hair just a fraction. I apply this generously all over the hair especially on the ends, Try and avoid spraying it directly in your roots as this may give an unwanted greasy or wet look.

Step 2.

Take a small section and begin to simply curl your hair. Don't worry about the sections being different sizes as this adds to the casual look. I hold my hair on the heat for about seven seconds however this can vary as to how tight you want your curls to be. The more heat the tighter the curls will be.

Step 3.

I then continue doing this all around the head I usually work with my hair in two sections just for convenience, but which ever way you find easier is down to you. Also remember to get the back section as you don't want any awkward straight sections at the back of your head!

Step 4. 

Personally I would say this is the most important step of my hair curling process. At this stage you will have quite tight individual curls however for the desired looser more casual look you are going to need to break up the curls. I do this by running my hands though my hair and giving it a good old scrunch! You can also run a brush through the hair but as my hair is thick I find this pulls the curls out a bit too much.

Step 5.

After mastering your effortless look don't forget to spray it in place! As you don't want your hard work being ruined, spritz hair spray all over the curls however don't apply to much as you don't want the hair to have a crispy feel!

Step 6. 
To add a bit more something to my hair I will sometimes take the two front sections and put them back using a clear elastic but you can add anything clips, bows or what ever takes your fancy!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial feel free to leave any hair tutorials you would like to see below and I'll be sure to give them a go!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Such a nice tutorial. This is my favourite hair style. I love loose curls. x


  2. Your hair looks very pretty !! great tutorial :) love your room decor ! x


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