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Thursday, 30 June 2016

How To Get The Best Out Of Sale Shopping

Who doesn't love a sale? Your favorite pieces coming down in price, stocking up your wardrobe with bargains right? 
However in the real world when we think of a sale we think of stressed frantic sale hunters pushing and shoving, messy clothing rails (a retail workers nightmare!) and limited sizing. 
Having been one of those frantic sale shoppers myself (on various occasions) I thought I would share with you my top 3 tips to getting the most out of sales!

Tip 1

Do not I repeat do not! Fall for a low price tag, Of course this is what you set out on your sale mission to find but how is a top 4 sizes to big going to benefit your current wardrobe? 
Do not buy for the sake of a low price, retailers are very good at luring customers in with their 70% off signs and have the very best gift of the gab aka retail lingo. Buy what will benefit you the most and not just because of the price tag. Buying a load of cheep tat that you are never going to get any wear out of is pointless. We have all found something a few sizes to big but 'you've wanted it for ages and feel as though the world will end if you don't buy it' right?, but in reality does it really look that good or does it just look like a good bargain, ask yourself this! Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind girls!

Tip 2
How much do you like it? It is very easy to get sucked into a mind of know return when stood in a changing room, you have your money at the ready, the lighting is good and your all for buying new clothes. I'm not sure about you guys but I have tried no end of things on in-store that I thought looked great then got them home and just thought ew. 
Also think, do you already have something similar at home? If so do you really need another just because it seems to good to leave? 
Think wisely and get the most out of your money.

Tip 3
Think about the Season! Are you shopping in a Summer sale just before Winter or vice versa. There may be some beautiful sale pieces but if winters just around the corner are you going to get any wear out of them? Some very organized people may be great at stocking up on well priced things for the year after, however If I do this I find the clothes just get merged into my wardrobe and they are nowhere to been seen by the time it comes round to wearing them. 
Also think trends? If you are a trend follower the pieces you are seeing in the sale may be great for a few weeks after the sale but will they still be great this time next year.


Enjoy your sale hunting and think if you don’t know where you will wear something then don't buy it! 

This skirt is my number one sale pick this season I stumbled across it in Zara for £15.99. 

Thank You for reading, and happy sale shopping!

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  1. Such great tips! I'm a sucker for falling for low price tags and do it all the time. Even if it's something I don't need or won't wear, I just buy it! x


    1. Hahaha! Sometimes a price tag can be far to irresistible! x


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