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Friday, 26 August 2016

A Must Read for All Fake Tanners In Collaboration With Tanzee Australia

Being a bit of a self-tan addict I always find my self getting into bed with freshly applied self tan, whether this be an instant tan or gradual tan. Despite the bottles implying that the tan is none transferable we all know that any fake tan at the end of the day is going to ruin our pretty white bed sheets!

So when Tanzee got in touch I jumped at the chance of receiving one of their silk sheets, the silk slip  fits perfectly in between your bed and duvet preventing any unwanted stains as well as protecting your pillows as it has a built in pillow case.

Having read endless reviews about how life saving this product is ( well for your bed sheets that is) I was super excited to try it out and put a stop to all ugly orange stains.

Before using the sheet I was a little apprehensive about how comfortable it would be to sleep in however due to it being made out of super soft Microfiber Art Silk it was virtually unnoticeable. The slip is also 100% breathable as well as being temperature controlled so you don’t feel hot and sticky whatsoever which from past experience is a big no no when you have just applied fake tan! 

I can now sleep easy knowing my tan will stay in place and my bed sheets will be free of fake tan.

The sheet also folds up into a small built in bag which is also an added bonus, so you can take your Tanzee with you on the go for whenever your fake- tanning needs call.

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