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Friday, 28 April 2017

How To Rework Your Wardrobe And Keep Up With The Latest Trends For Less

The world of fashion is a forever moving fast paced industry and it can be very hard for us ‘normal folk’ to keep up with the trends. Since being a blogger I have noticed even more so how quickly things can go from being ‘super cool’ to super ‘uncool’ in such a short period of time and how easy it is to be influenced to spend money keeping up on the latest ‘IT’ pieces, so we need to find ways of re-doing the trends but still maintain a healthy bank balance at the same time!

Here are my top tips!

1. Accessorize!

So I know this is the most traditional way of reworking outfits but for me personally I don’t actually have the biggest array of accessories this is something I want to work on more through the Spring and Summer as I often find myself wearing a simple sliver necklace as appose to something with more shape/colour/style. I’m not just talking the usual accessories try mixing in something fresh like a patterned neck-scarf to your outfits, tied on a bag, in your hair or even as an ‘unpractical’ yet stylish belt. I’ve also seen many people mixing up their ripped jeans with tights underneath or layering up various tops which is a great way of being able to wear your cute Summer tops in the awkward weather stage we are currently having!

2. What do you already have?

Think about what you already have in your wardrobe and always invest in good staple pieces for example trench coats or LBD’s. They’re always going come back each year. Only put a large amount of money into things that you know will be worn to death and buy your trend pieces as cheep as possible as it’s likely you will be selling them on in a few months time! Be creative and mix up your clothes, It is very easy to continually wear the same top with the same trousers so mix and match your clothes more you never know what new outfits you might come up with. All the items in this blog post I have worn before over on my Instagram, there is no shame in reworking old clothes!

3. Dupes!

The high street isn’t popular for no reason; high street stores at the lower end of the fashion market are there to bring the latest trends to you at a fraction of the price. I have seen and spoke to so many people about Primark’s dupes recently and the blogger world being taken by storm with h&ms “Gucci dupe” £7.99 belt. Always shop around and compare prices this is the benefit of online shopping. I have recently been posting various Chloe handbag dupes over on my Instagram that are all from boohoo and are less than £15!

4. DIY

3.   I was at work the other day (Topshop) and a lady was buying some iron on badges she said “I’ve just seen a  Paul Smith shirt with these on, so I've decided I'm going to do it myself with an old shirt I have at home” Why pay the earth for something that is probably only going to be on trend for a short while. If you want some inspiration head over to my Instagram to see some personalised embroidered jeans that boohoo sent me! It would be great if you could tag me in any of your attempts! And remember worst case if it goes wrong you can just call it ‘vintage’!



  1. I would love to go the DIY route. Haven't tried that yet. Maybe I should go to Pinterest and find some ideas :)

  2. Loving this post, these ideas are all really good! Feeling pretty inspired right now!! Also, so obsessed with this outfit!Robyn xo


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