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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

5 Totally Random Things I Love About Summer! In Collaboration With Quiz

The title of this post is probably a little apprehensive as the Uk seems to be enduring a very cold, dull summer. I’m starting to wonder if summer is ever going to get round to showing it's face this year but I’m thinking positive and thought I would share some of the random things I love about summer to get us all in the summer mood!

  Flip flops and sliders

I have been picking up so many pairs of gorgeous summer shoes recently but the weather doesn’t quite seem to be backing me up on my fashion choices. However being the fashion addict I am I have still been bearing the cold weather and wearing them anyway, but I have say flip flops aren’t so cute when your feat are soaking from the rain!

Driving home in the evening

As I live in the country side one of my favourite ways to chill out and enjoy summer is when I’m driving home back down the empty country roads, I’m talking windows down music playing and hair going everywhere you can't really beat it!

Iced drinks / lightweight food

Although you can enjoy both of these things year round there’s nothing quite like catching some sun and enjoying a refreshing smoothie or juice along with the lighter foods that suddenly seem far more appealing in the warm weather such as salads and raps.

Leaving any form of jacket at home

I have to admit after hibernating through winter in thick coats and layers it’s so nice to be able to step out the house in a summer dress and let the sun hit your skin and show that you do actually have arms and legs after all!

Golden skin and sun kissed hair

Ok so I will be the first to say I don’t actually tan too great but I love having a healthy glow and looking alive whether this has to come from a bottle or I am lucky enough to actually tan it all looks the same (kind of) And it's what summer is all about right?. But remember to always wear sun cream when enjoying the sun!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite things about summer are


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