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Monday, 17 July 2017

Why I have a love hate relationship when it comes to sale shopping

Seems as the Summer sales have well and truly hit us ( well our bank accounts that is ) I thought I would just touch on why I have been loving sales at the moment just as much as hating them.  I feel like there are a few different kinds of sale shoppers... the online bargain hunters comparing prices and working out the best deals from the comfort of their home, the mad waiting outside the door for the shop to open sale shoppers and the sale shoppers that breeze along on the off chance they find something. Now I have to admit I have probably come under all of the above categories at one time or another in my life, but this season I was pretty chilled about sales to minimise the disappointment of spotting that top I wanted a month ago now on sale for £9.99 and it being out of stock - we've all been there. 

So I opted for a trip to my local shopping center the other day with no intentions to buy any sale items but secretly hoping I could snap up a little bargain for my upcoming holiday along the way. After entering my local Zara twice I stumbled across this outfit on my third time round. The trousers were just laying right in my eye line as though they were meant to be. (or someone had dumped them prior to me coming along) either way, I picked the trousers up with a one in five chance of them being my size. AND THEY WERE! As for the top, things just kept getting better, it was the only one left - my size - and went down in price when the lady scanned it through. So all in all an outfit for £15 can't really be grumbled at!

Although this sale shopping experience was pretty seamless I have also had my fair share of traumatic ones which still give sales in my mind a bad rep. Unless you opt for online sale shopping it can often be a bit of a mighty task that you've got to be in the right mood for. I hate pushing and shoving around a rail of clothes on the off chance there might be a bargain top or picking clothes up off the floor to find your size. 

I have learned that if like me you like to sale shop in-store to try things on the best time to enter your mission is the morning, get yourself up bright and early a few days after the initial sale rush and see what you can find. This is when the clothes are going to be at their most presentable and shoppable and in some cases even cheaper than the first few days. Don't go with the attitude of 'I must buy something' enjoy the experience and if you find something it's a bonus!


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