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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

5 ways to make a shoot day run smoother - winter edition

When planning a shoot day for 2 or more outfits things can easily get very messy/stressy and unorganized. Having been blogging for 3/4 years I feel as though I have picked up a few little tips and tricks that I'd have loved to of know when I started blogging.

1. Shooting in the cold isn't nice so think how you can cut your shooting time in half,

Now this is a handy trick that has to be carefully crafted, look at your outfits and see if any can be layered if you have planned to shoot a chunky knit and a t-shirt with the same jeans layer up and take a layer off each time to reveal your new outfit, this saves time looking for somewhere to get changed and also takes 10 minutes off your time in the cold ( depending on where you would have to tavel to to get changed/how long the change would take ) always plan to shoot skirts after jeans, if you're not wanting to hunt down a changing location pulling up trousers under a skirt in a hidden spot works wonders for a quick change ( trust me blogging isn't for the uber glamours) but these things have to be done.

2. Plan Plan Plan and plan some more

Plan the order in which you want to shoot each outfit, trust me the number of times I've stood in a random toilet confused as to what to shoot next is unreal. This could be done with your favorites first in case you happen to run out of time/light/weather or whether you have a collaboration/job that takes priority over a personal outfit you want to shoot.
3. Preparation,

Prepare for your shoot day prior to the chosen date don't just put your clothes in a bag and wing it because this is when problems arise and you start to hate your content when you realize that actually you just shot a whole outfit but those shoes don't work with that top, things like this can double your time out in the cold. Believe me I've done this enough times to realize I really should have just taken five minutes before packing to make sure the outfits work as well as I thought they would in my head.
4. Cold weather? think hats/ scarfs/gloves x100 ( you could always pull out a thermal vest if needs be! )

As I said before shooting in the cold IS NOT FUN but for the majority of bloggers this is part of the job, shoot days have to happen all year round, so keeping warm in between outfits is key, who cares what you look like as long as you're warm that's my mid-shoot moto anyway. I often take a long trench coat on my shoot days as this is the closest I can get to a walking cover to tie round myself whilst heading to the next location.
5. Schedule a coffee/tea / hot chocolate break

Believe me when shooting in icy conditions a 10 minute warm up with a hot drink really can give you that last bit of motivation to fight the cold one last time, and don't forget to eat! Time flys when out shooting especially when you're determined to get through all your outfits but nobody wants to be a hangry/dizzy blogger babe!



  1. I love this outfit so much Holly! Your tips are great too - I'd love to be a fashion blogger, but I'm nowhere near as photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera as you are and you're so gorgeous too!xo

    Char |

    1. Hey Charlotte, Thank you so much for your lovely comment and kind words, I'm so glad you like the tips, I think you would smash it your pictures are amazing! xx


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