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Friday, 13 January 2017

Blogging: One Year On

So where do I begin? This time last year I finally took the plunge and made my own blog, after following numerous bloggers such as Chelcie Nicole Moore and Sophie Milner I was feeling fully inspired to get to grips with the whole blogosphere and I was totally ready to start my own corner of the internet.

I was always a bit apprehensive about starting something like this and putting myself  “out there” but I do no regret it one bit, looking back on old content I must say it makes me cringe a little but it only shows progression and I’m sure I will feel the same in a few months time. The one thing I have learnt about blogging is that hard work really does pay off. And as some of you may know I have recently been selected to become a boohoo student brand ambassador, which I would have never expected to happen one year ago! I’m so excited to see what this holds for me and to share my experiences with you guys.

Although my blog is still very small (and I have a lot of learning to do) it has given me some of the best opportunities. This year I have worked with some of the most amazing brands such as Quiz Clothing, Triangl, River Island, Meme Jewellery , Jord Wood Watches and Sentwistle Clothing just to name a few! Which I never thought would have been possible for me! and to be gifted so many lovely things is just crazy, I honestly couldn’t be more grateful. One of my favourite opportunities last year was my trip to London to be part of NEXT’s Project Taxi Shoe Event. This was probably one of the best / surreal experience and to be able to meet fellow bloggers and fashion enthusiasts and see inside a blogger event was amazing.

By no means is my blog how I would like it to be but for one year on I am very happy and I can’t wait to learn more and see what 2017 holds.

I would also like to say Thank you for all of the lovely support lately on Instagram and Twitter. Although my following is still small everyone is so lovely.

If you are thinking about starting a blog I would totally recommend it and don’t hold back I have learnt so much this past year and I look forward to learning more as time goes on.
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  1. I'm a bit late but congratulations on one year of blogging!! Being a Boohoo student brand ambassador seems so cool, how did you apply? Also what does it entail? sorry for the questions, I'm just a bit curious as I've never heard of it before xx

    1. Hey! Thank you so much, I applied online and then got through each stage of the selection process. And It's amazing we get to blog in boohoo clothes and promote boohoo really we also get to attend speacial events like press days and things:) xx


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