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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sosoy Candles

So when I receive a product from a brand and I instantly want to tell my mum my friends and anyone else that will listen about it I know it has to make in onto the blog.

So on Tuesday I got the most lovely delivery from @sosoycandles featuring one of their most recent launches. I opted for the Daisy Violet & Gardenia scent and it is honestly so lovely! I'm not the best when it comes to describing scents but I'm going to give it a go. The scent is very luxurious almost like a fresh salon or spa. And is very calming, a scent perfect for anytime of the day and will for leave your home with a beautiful aroma for sure. I feel not only does this candle smell divine but it will also look very aesthetically pleasing sat on your coffee table too! A Sosoy candle would be great as a moving in present or even a wedding gift as the product feels so luxurious.

Sosoy candles don't only smell amazing but are eco friendly too! (win win) soy wax is 100% natural and renewable and often lasts up to two times longer  than other waxes. (e.g paraffin wax) and burns cleaner too! Sosoy state that they always use the highest ratio of fragrance oil to wax, to ensure a perfectly balanced scent throw which I totally agree with having now lit this product. Not only is the candle itself natural, so are the wicks which are specially designed for the use in soy wax, made from unbleached cotton. Sosoy have really thought about every aspect of their product to you the give the best aroma experience possible.

I would also just like to touch back on the look of this product. The candle comes in a glass jar and has a lovely light grey font, I love the minimal look of this candle as it just oozes the essence of it's natural  background. Which is perfect for any style of home. The candle also comes in a matching white box which just adds a quality touch to the candle and again would make it a perfect gift. 

The candles come in three different sizes and 6 different fragrances and are really well priced.

Do check out the full fragrance range at


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