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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Being A Gingham Convert

So I have torn with the idea of "grown up gingham" for a while now and never thought I would find my self striding along in a gingham top with super puffy sleeves but hey! Stranger things have happened right? I've been seeing this trend popping up all over the place at the moment in various forms of tops, skirts and dress etc. But I thought if  I was going to take the gingham plunge I better not 'plunge too deep' and went for this pretty easy to wear shirt from Zara, although the gingham pattern may be a little out of my comfort zone I wasn't willing to compromise on these gorgeous wide-layered sleeves as this has been one of my favourite trends stepping into 2017.

I paired it with these super chic embroidered jeans from Topshop as I feel the two patterns surprising compliment each other perfectly. Seems as the outfit is pretty 'busy' I opted for some simple black mules with gold detailing just to add a cute finishing touch to the cropped denim shape, whilst keeping the outfit on trend.

I have been loving this outfit recently as it is extreamly versatile for everyday living paired with a long line jacket or over sized blazer and hand bag, your pretty much good to go. Looking on trend with minimal effort is always a winner!



  1. Amazing post love this outfit babe xxx

  2. Love this combo! Pants are ❤️

  3. Thanks Lauren! I'm glad you like it! xxx

  4. these jeans are so beautiful!!! Love the whole look ♥ xxx, Sophie

    1. They are almost too pretty to put away in my wardrobe:P Thank you very much Sophie! I'm glad you like it xxx

  5. I love this little outfit! And you're a very pretty lady💖

  6. You're so trendy oh my I love your style

  7. I absolutely love these pants! <3



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