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Monday, 27 March 2017

Things To Tick Off Your Spring To Do List

I am sure you are all blissfully aware by now that after what seems like forever spring has finally began to emerge! Soon to be gone of the dull short days as we stride onwards and upwards into the new season. I like to see a new month as a fresh start, leave anything negative behind, embrace the sunshine, laugh a little more and see the world in it’s new sunny light! After Winter, Spring is really a bit of a ‘mid year marking point’ where we sit back and think about those new year resolutions we made all of what, 3 months ago. Have we really been sticking to that ‘not so set in stone’ diet? And are we still as motivated with the whole gym situation as we were a week after our Christmas dinner. All of this brings me on to think about my spring to do list.  

Ok so First things first has to be clothes right? It is time to fold away the chunky knits and embrace the florals. Last years ‘spring wear’ not looking quite so cute as before? well there you have it! An opportunity for a shopping spree. (You can thank me later!) But out of all seriousness fresh clothes can set you up for the weeks ahead, a killer outfit brings killer confidence to smash those new season plans, whether its getting a job, going to university or having a first date with that cutie you met on tinder. Good clothes will always have your back. Recently I have been loving anything embroidered, skirts, leather and denim. It’s all gorgeous, speaking of denim I can’t get enough of the whole distressed denim vibe along with the gingham print, wide sleeves and not to mention anything with circle details.

It’s the deal breaker right? We all love a good treat now or then but I like to mix up my diet in the warmer temperatures. Start looking into lighter foods like salads and raps. Get out of the hibernation eating habits; we don’t need to be bulking up for the cold weather anymore. Think about the new rotation of crops. What can we find more of when it comes to the groceries? Think berries, peaches and apricots. As lovely as they are alone mix things up try out some new smoothies you never know what you might find yourself loving this season.

State of mind
A positive state of mind is something I want to work really hard at this season. I’m not sure about you but I find the weather can have a huge impact on my mood, as much as I like the cosiness of winter, the spring time certainly works wonders for me, if the sun is shining I just feel so much more positive and ready to concur the day ahead. Like I said before see the new month as a fresh start, a new opportunity to make a better you. Say yes more and don’t get caught up on the little things life likes to throw at us.

Try something new
I have added this to my list as I find it very easy to get stuck in a rut of day-to-day life; sometimes it is easy to forget about having some down time. This does not have to mean sitting at home watching Netflix. Take the plunge, and get out and about, embrace the new month and grab any opportunity coming your way with both hands. I recently started a yoga class and it has been a great way of keeping active as well as zoning out for a while and working towards a goal outside of studying and work. Setting goals brings along positivity and drive which you can never have too much of.

Last but not least book yourself H O l I D A Y put your feet up and sit back whilst you enjoy a well earned break whether it’s a shorty city break, a spa weekend or a week away with friends and family book it and enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed my post, have a great spring!



  1. It's always a good idea to start something new in spring! I always start decluttering my wardrobe, so I have a good reason to buy something new 😉. To book a holiday is my second favourite as it gives you something to look Forward to. xx Simone from Switzerland

    1. Yes! Decluttering my wardrobe has to be may favourite! because like you said it gives me an opportunity to buy new clothes which is always a positive! hahaha! xx

  2. Such a great post! This is everything spring is about! Xx

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it Torey Xx


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