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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Getting over holiday blues and the circle of life in collaboration with Bloom Boutique

As you may or may not know I have recently got back from a ten-day break in Portugal (I had a great time for anyone wondering) and let me tell you the holiday blues well and truly hit me HARD. There's no other word for it holidays are  A M A Z I N G we all jet off to fake reality for a week or two and live in a dream world of over eating, no work, and sunshine (unless you are already lucky enough to live in a sunny location!-in that case I'm very jealous) and it's the best thing ever, until you realise it's the second to last day and your flight times start ticking over in your head and you have to think about when the inevitable packing process has to begin.
Now I have to say getting back into the swing of 'normal life' has actually been pretty challenging it's almost like my relax button got stuck down and it's taken me a week or so to fall back into my usual routine and to really feel motivated. Now I'm pretty much fully adjusted to my normal ( really not that bad at all ) life it's time to wait for the process to take it's full circle and before I know it I will be stepping back on a plane again for another bit of time out. 
Speaking of circles one thing that made my arrival back home not all that bad was this stunning selection of jewellery from Bloom Boutique. This is their circle of life range and it is beautiful! Simple but effective. The perfect accessories to elevate an outfit without being too OTT. Bloom Boutique offer a stunning range of jewellery and gifts that can be personalised to make them that extra bit special, if you are looking for a welcome home gift for a friend or family member or you just fancy a bit of self-indulge feel free to check them out here and use 'statement 10' for 10% off your purchase! Oh they also offer free postage too, happy shopping!



  1. All of this jewellery is so pretty! Lovely post X

    Love Somachi xx


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