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Monday, 21 August 2017

Tran-seasonal Shopping

This time of year has always been my least favorite when it comes to fashion. I often find myself staring deep into my clothes rail wondering whether I should brave it in that feminine floral top and skirt combo or whether I should go safe with a jacket and jeans. I'm sure I'm not the only British girl to have hopped out the house in the mists of summer in a little floaty tea dress and return the same day in torrential rain in a somewhat see through tea dress and sandals muddier than the main stage ground at V-fest!

So it's safe to say we are coming near to the end of summer and we need to think about incorporating more Autumnal shades/shapes and styles into our wardrobes at the same time as trying to not totally give up on the chance of some sun.

When I'm shopping for trans-seasonal pieces the main thing I focus on is whether the item could be layered up. This could be with knitwear, jackets or even tights, think footwear too. Could the piece be worn on a colder day with boots? You don't want to be investing in things that you'll be able to wear once especially if you follow trends, which are likely to be different this time next year. Believe me, this can be pretty hard when the perfect floaty backless crisp white mini dress is hanging in front of you, but be realistic, are you going to wear it out in high winds and heavy rain. Save your bank account the hit.

For a go-to trans-seasonal outfit I have opted for this knitted Bardot top alongside this paperbag style skirt. This tobacco color screams autumn but is still lightweight enough to wear on warmer days. As for the top, which is not cropped, would be perfect for keeping you warm and for tucking into a range of skirts throughout the colder period as well as giving that more fashion-forward neckline with a warm material.




  1. Love this outfit!! And I adore the bag!! X

    Love Somachi xx

    1. Hey Somachi!

      I'm glad you love the outfit, same here I use it everyday :) xx

  2. You look lovely, such a simple yet stylish outfit. I am in dire need of a new wardrobe of clothes. I have recently thrown out a lot of old clothes that no longer fit or made me unhappy so just waiting for autumn bits to start appearing and I am going to have a little shopping spree :) Great post! xo

    Pinar |


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