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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Two affordable retailers that are worth checking out

I have to say I am certainly hanging onto summer in this attire but I wanted to finish off my last summer look with a post on why affordable fashion sites are great in particular Shin and Romwe as I have seen them both produce some really amazing pieces over the past season.

1. Fashion is a very fast changing industry with new trends cropping up each week it can be very hard to keep on top of them without splashing out every month's wages just on clothes. Which is why sites like Romwe and Shein are 100% worth checking out. They are very quick to re-create trends and styles from the latest catwalks at a more affordable price bracket. Now you might be thinking if I buy cheaper items am I going to lose out on the quality. Before this outfit arrived I thought the same too. If I was to compare the quality of these items to a more local retailer in the UK I would say New Look. I was very happy with the quilty of both the cami and denim skirt for the price.

2. If you're looking for unique items to make people go wow you've come to the right place, both sites have such a huge range of items, therefore you're more than likely to find yourself a hidden gem as appose to shopping with the more traditional retailers. There are times I've been shocked over on Instagram when I have discovered a really stunning piece that looks super high end but is actually very affordable.
3. Dupes! This links to my previous point throughout the past season dupes have become huge and these two sites are very good at producing them. Especially the Chloe handbag dupes!

let me know your thoughts on affordable retailers and feel free to shop this look below.

Side note this cardigan was from Topshop almost 3 years ago but I have linked some of my current favorites below 

This blog post was in collaboration with both Shein and Romwe but all opinions are my own. If you have any other questions about either of the retailers do let me know.



  1. Loved this post!!! Especially om currently writing a post all about all of my favourite designer Dupes from Romwe! 🙈💕

    Stunning outfit as well!!

    Love Somachi xx

    1. Thank you Somachi! I'm glad you liked it :) I can't wait to see your post! let me know when its live xx

  2. I love those sites too! Those pieces you've found are so nice. It's so true about keeping on top of the trends otherwise - can cost a fortune!

    Kirsty | x


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