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Monday, 25 September 2017

A new location

Ever since I started my blog I've admired the 'London blogger look' yet the truth is I don't live in Central London so I often find myself wasting a lot of time traveling to find 'cool' / 'unique' backgrounds when I have a very beautiful location right on my doorstep! And it's taken me this long to realize that I'm crazy to not be using it. 

The location is a lot less edgy and is more simple and clean, much like my outfits and personal style, which is why I hope to add a bit more of it into my work. There is just something about the stone houses / light-wash backdrops which I love and think could work really well in the world of blogging. I look forward to shooting more on home ground, and I hope you guys love it too! However, don't fear the city shots aren't going anywhere!

I'm not going to give too much away location wise just on this one post as there are lots of pretty spots that will be featuring over on my Instagram as time goes on so keep your eyes peeled for whats next!

As for the outfit ( which I have totally been obsessing over at the moment) is this light weight jersey style boyfriend jacket which is a P E R F E C T alternative to the more formal style blazers that have been cropping up recently. It is also a great transitional piece to pick up as it's lightweight for the odd warmer day but would also be perfect layered up towards the end of Autumn going into Winter. Not to mention it's under £40! To finish off the look I layered the jacket with a simple white long sleeve top ( A wardrobe essential ) which I bought from Mango over a year ago now. And my black straight fit mom jeans.



  1. Loved this post!! It's so true about the location point! Being young, I can't travel to central London all the time and always get to those really Instagrammable locations, but some time soon, I'm just going to walk around with my friend and find some local places to shoot outfit places and not take what a beautiful area I have for granted!!! xxx
    Somachi xx

  2. Love the backdrop! Definitely good to mix it up, bloggers photos can get so samey otherwise.
    Love your belt!

    Kirsty xx


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