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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Sometimes you just need a big bag! In collaboration with Claudia Canova

The past season has really got me hooked on handbags, Now I say this as though I wasn't a self-confessed handbag lover before but I've really started to notice a good handbag and how much they can complement an outfit.  

Throughout the summer season, I fell in love with small lightweight cross body bags, the kind that just about fit your phone and purse in and a lipstick at a push, yet work so well with all kinds of dainty summer attire. But now the Winter months are very quickly creeping upon us I thought it was the perfect time to get my hands on something a bit bigger and more practical for all of those winter essentials, because a small box-like bag just isn't going to cut it when I'm rushing out the door with scarfs, hats, gloves, and umbrellas falling off me left right and centre as I struggle against the cold to find the unlock button on my car key.

This Claudia Canova bag fits the bill perfectly I opted for a rather neutral colour to maximise the wear and something that isn't going to show up the odd muddy mark or a wet scratch off of a branch. 
The bag Fastens with a clasp which opens into a spacious compartment for all the things I mentioned above and comes with a removable zip pouch which is perfect for keeping the little things safe on your travels. Priced at £36 I couldn't recommend this bag enough if you are in the market for something that bit bigger yet simple and super versatile. 

Claudia Canova also do a range of backpacks, cross bodies, clutches, holdalls and more! Click here to check out their site


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