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Friday, 10 November 2017

The Pink Velvet Pyjama Shirt

To-buy or not-to-buy

Was definitely my thoughts when eyeing this up on the new look website! Am I cool enough for this? will people think I'm actually in my PJ'S?! Putting all thoughts  aside I took the plunge and gave this little a beauty a shot. I'm not sure what I was more drawn to the colour or the style. I often see very beautiful pink velvet chairs but a pink velvet top? I dunno! 

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with how much I actually like this top although I'm regretting not buying it more oversized, I am definitely in love! Styling wise as always I have kept thing pretty simple with some straight leg mom jeans and my new found love ... Supergas! Finished with some beautiful jewellery from Majique London.


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