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Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Perfect City Combo In Collaboration With DS London

Whether you are shopping in London or heading for brunch a feminine yet minimal, comfy style is always key, I must be the first to raise my hand and say up until now I never would have pictured myself in wide leg trousers but I decided it was time to take the plunge. These trousers are super comfy, perfect for a day of walking and the elastic waist band helps hide the remains of those cute cakes you’ve been eating along the way too!

By no means am I saying good-bye to my beloved black skinnies forever but adding this kind of variation into your wardrobe can be a great way of achieving some more sophisticated, diverse styles.
Speaking of sophistication I recently received this gorgeous ‘ Brown Opal luxury leather tote bag’ from DS London that just brings the whole outfit together. The size of this bag really is perfect for a full day out as you can fit your necessities and any extra things you pick up along the way. With it being luxury leather it definitely has a very glamorous high-end finish.
Moving onto the top half of this outfit I selected this Topshop premium cropped top to enhance the shape of the trousers. The wrap back of this top is super cute fastening with a simple rose gold button. The lighter colour adds a little something to the outfit without being to dramatic as the trousers are already a rather large statement.
Lastly for the footwear, I opted for a classic block heel, which is super comfy when walking for long periods of time. I have featured these Topshop sandals so many times the season but for £30 they were an absolute bargain!




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