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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Falling in love with trousers and the perfect pair of culottes

After recently discovering Emma Hill, I have kind of been obsessing over trouser-based outfits and it's made me realise how few pairs of trousers I have in my wardrobe. With winter on our tails, I've been thinking of ways to incorporate trousers into my outfits to save myself from getting stuck in a daily rut of denim from black to blue. Just because the weather is dull doesn't mean we have to compromise on our outfits I see winter as a great time to experiment with something more statement on your bottom half as you can always get away with a simple knit tucked in and you're pretty much good to go. Warm and cute ... tick!

Trousers have always been an area of fashion I've swerved, I think this is due to getting into a denim comfort zone growing up or due to me buying crazy coloured trousers in my younger teenage years that I felt totally embarrassed wearing! either way, Having trawled the high street I think I may have found the ultimate pair of culottes that not only fit like a dream but have well and truly made me a trouser convert!

I popped into River Island last week on a whim,  not really looking to purchase anything when I stumbled across these. I kid you not it was love at first sight and then marriage came having put them on! Another reason I have always avoided trousers is the fit, having such a slim waist has always made it hard for me to find a pair of trousers that are going to sit on my waist without a big gap at the back and without slipping down all day and without looking like my crotch area is being drowned by a bulk of material.

Here I have teamed them with a black knit that I also picked up from River Island with the CUTEST statement sleeves! (yes, the knitwear shopping has commenced!)  I also aim to wear these as a more casual look with the H&M Sistersociety top I posted over on Instagram a few days ago!

I would also just like to metion this beautiful leaf pattern ring that Jewelpoche very kindly gifted me, the style of this screamed Autumn to me so I couldn't not feature it in my first Autumnal outfit! you'll be seeing a lot more of this soon along with a stunning necklace they also sent over but until then feel free to use this link for £5 off your order !
If you have any trouser recommendations let me know as I am determined to broaden my selection!

I have linked this outfit below along with some other trousers that are on my A\W wishlist!

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  1. Love this outfit! I've never been one to wear trousers as felt that they never suited me, but with a new season I may have to purchase a few pairs as I've seen so many people styling them, and I think they're kinda growing on me! Say good bye to my bank balance... oops!!

    Love Somachi xx


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