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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The shoes I kind of hate to love

Work wear? Blogger chic? or an ultra feminine way to spice up your kitten heels!

Firstly I'm going to throw it out there kitten heels have always been my most hated style of shoe, the worst bit is I have no clue why, which is pretty annoying due to how versatile they are. Style and comfort should be a win win really! I'm not actually too sure what went wrong, maybe it's down to me staring at them on my least favorite teachers feet back in my school years, I don't know. But it's safe to say (and strange to say!)  I am finally falling for the kitten heel!

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be styling them up with a range of outfits to see if I can fully convert myself into a full-time kitten heel wearer!

I feel kitten heels are a very feminine looking shoe, so for my first outfit, I have opted for this glamorous deep V blouse with stunning sleeve details that just boosts the chic levels even more! Paired with some stunning silver jewellery from Jewlepoche to give the blouse that complete, glamorous put together look. For the bottom half of this outfit, I have opted for some stunning pinstripe - wide leg trousers from Lola May which just scream feminine chic to me. I would also just like to add how comfy these are and that the belt is detachable so you can mix things up depending on the look you want to achieve. ( I have been recently loving my River Island Gucci dupe belt I will link it below)

If you would like to purchase anything from Jewelpoche they have kindly given me THIS LINK to offer you all £5 off your order! 



  1. I also always had something against kitten heels with no explanation as to why, but lately I've been seeing them more and I love them!! I need to get myself a pair, your outfit is so stunning as always x

  2. Absolutely love this post!! I've never been a fan of kitten heels but after seeing how great they look on you I may have to make a purchase 🙈💕

    Love Somachi xx

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